Book Review: Danse de la Folie

Sherwood Smith’s Danse de la Folie is one of my favorite Austen-inspired novels. I was so excited to review it for the Jane Austen’s World blog. This blog is an extraordinary resource for historical and confemporary articles, book reviews, and Austen announcements. Here’s how the review begins:

Image of the book cover of Danse de la Folie by Sherwood Smith

Lovers of Austen novels will find much delight in Sherwood Smith’s Danse de la Folie. With more wit than romance, this novel introduces two couples, mapping their relationships onto the quadrille. Smith’s attention to historical details, family dynamics, and rich characters create an engaging story.

Using the four dancers of the quadrille, Sherwood Smith overtly indicates our heroes and heroines. The first heroine on the page is the Honourable Miss Clarissa Harlowe. Described as plain in comparison with her younger stepsisters, Clarissa is warm, observant, and conscientious—especially kind to her servants. And unlike the witty heroines of most Austen books, Clarissa will inherit a large fortune when she comes of age.

You can read the full review here.

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