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Well met, dear reader!

This blog is my place to explore a wide spectrum of topics – from travel, work, and socializing to the larger concerns of a more-than-human society. I devote many words to my passions: music, nature, and poetry. And from my perspective as a disabled woman, I strive to forward proposals for peaceful and empathetic integration: practical solutions for daily irritations and challenges to common ways of considering and representing disabled people in the 21st century.

I borrow Milton’s words and “consider how my light is spent.” I reflect on my abilities, perception, and experience – and find ways to direct that light outward, to nurture a spirit of genuineness, imagination, and empathy.

I write about my disability because I value that experience. As a writer, I draw from my life because it is mine. I write about disability because there aren’t enough voices talking about disability in a way that encourages people to acknowledge our equal share in humanity. My perspective is not valuable because I’m blind—and therefore unequivocally different from you, the nondisabled or non-blind reader. My experience is valuable because it is a different perspective among people who are equally different. The norm is a myth.

I hope you enjoy what you find in this civil space.

About Emily K. Michael

I am a blind poet, musician, and writing teacher living in Jacksonville, FL. I’m the poetry editor for Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature at Syracuse University. I design grammar and style workshops for multilingual learners and developing writers. I love to crochet, cook, sing, and read. My latest project is learning to bird by ear. I also curate the Blind Academy blog, where blind students and scholars share their academic experiences. My first book Neoteny: Poems is available from Finishing Line Press.

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7 thoughts on “Bio & Contact

  1. I have been writing for over 30 years but only dream of writing like you do. I’m mesmerized by your choice of words – they spring to life as I make contact with them, as if in a dream state. Your language is alive. You have a gift.

  2. I’m not sure how I stumbled on your blog but I am glad I found you. I’m loving your stories of Guide Dog training – I am a volunteer puppy-raiser for Leader Dogs for the Blind. I am also a writer and my current blog documents the Leader Dog prison puppy raising program in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Thank you for sharing your stories!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Patti! And thank you for being a puppy raiser! I can’t wait to meet my dog’s puppy raisers in a few days.

      1. Oh, that is so great that you can meet them! I remember the days when everything was kept secret. I think completing the circle benefits everyone. Enjoy and I look forward to reading more of your adventures with York!

  3. Hi there Professor Michael,
    Your interview on Eyes On Success was moving. I am awe struck by all your endeavors to convince the public of the need to be aware of the stereotypes we face. Good for you.
    My name is Joe Kovach. Two years ago I set a new life goal to make people laugh. The vehicle I have chosen to accomplish this task is writing. I write very short funny stories. I have a sampling of them on my blog site which is still under construction, but getting there. I was hoping you might be willing to check them out, and offer me some advice.
    I am new to the world of professional writing. I only know I enjoy writing them, and I hope I might bring a smile to someone’s face. My secondary goal is to generate some needed income.
    Thank you for your time.
    My blog site is

    Oh, I also have to add that in the spring I hope to have another blog site up and running for sightless birders.

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