Catch me on The Morning Show

Today I talked about Neoteny: Poems on News4Jax’s Morning Show. I got to discuss my love of teaching and the process of writing a book. Here’s the video.

Thank you to everyone who has ordered a copy of my book – and to all who have liked and shared my posts! I am so encouraged by the warm reception I’ve received, and I can’t wait till you’re able to read my work from start to finish!

Have you ordered a copy of Neoteny: Poems? All pre-orders that come in before September 20 help me generate a larger pressrun for the book. You can still pre-order after this date, but the numbers after my advance sales won’t change my pressrun. So click here to get your copy today!

And if you can’t wait till Neoteny Release Day in November, don’t worry! I have more poems coming out in journals this month! I’ll share links when they are published.

2 thoughts on “Catch me on The Morning Show

  1. Emily:

    She Who Knows All and I chinwagged last night over shrimp and flounder, and she ran through the general report about your interview with The local station.

    I hadn’t watched it because my PC was acting up but is now behaving itself.

    I don’t remember the interviewer’s name, so let’s call her The Lady.

    The Lady was very exuberant, probably more than was necessary for television. My favorite lady on TV is Rachel Maddow (and I’m trying to track down her Feast Day so I can light some candles). She doesn’t do energetic gestures, as The Lady on 4 did. Some other females who didn’t: Barbara Walters, Connie Chung, and a dozen others whose names I can’t recall right now.

    By contrast, your demeanor was “friendly” for TV. Keep up what you were doing.

    The Lady got stuck with words related to “inspire” and “inspiration.” That was the peg on which she hung her opening.

    When we were doing TV/radio bits for the Writers’ Festival, I’d either appear alone . . . or with Michele (on radio a couple of times) . . . etc. Andy Johnson had a radio show (probably still does), and I was being interviewed and thought to bring along novelist David Poyer (who lived in Riverside at the time). It turned out we were taping for 90 minutes, and Poyer was excellent in taking over entirely at times and fleshing out whatever I was gassing on about.

    Sometimes I would show up with a list of possible questions (particularly useful on radio). While a commercial was playing, the host could skim the questions and locate one or two that would start him off for the next segment.

    And . . .

    Oh, hush up, Denson.

    That’s all, folks,


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