NEOTENY reviewed in Wordgathering!

The latest issue of Wordgathering is live, and it contains some extraordinary work. Wordgathering is now a collaborative effort with Syracuse University, and it has a new virtual home! View the full issue here.

Not only is my name listed in the official masthead as an associate poetry editor, but this issue contains book reviews that feature my work! The first is a review of Neoteny: Poems by Stephen Kuusisto — a friend, fellow poet, and professor at Syracuse University. Steve’s review is generous, engaging, and poetic in itself. He compares my poetry to the work of Olav Hauge, a Norwegian poet whose work was new to me! I was given some of Hague’s books and am totally enthralled! Read Steve’s review of Neoteny here.

Also reviewed in this issue is the Fall 2019 issue of Nine Mile Magazine, which featured 9 of my poems. This review was written by Liz Whiteacure of the University of Indianapolis. In Liz’s review, she comments on remarkable poems from this volume and also lists the poems she will use in her classes as teaching exercises — and my poem, “A Phenomenology of Blindness” made her shortlist! Read her review here.

It’s exciting to be part of the Wordgathering team for this new launch! We’ve been plugging away for a while, collecting and curating the work of disabled writers, poets, and artists. I’m grateful that Syracuse University has decided to invest in our project and give this work a larger platform!

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