Pre-Order NEOTENY, My First Book!

I am excited to announce that my first book, Neoteny: Poems, is now available for pre-order! Click on the lovely book cover below and you’ll travel to Finishing Line Press’s website, where you can order your copy!

Why Pre-Order?

The next two months are my advance sales period. The number of pre-orders for Neoteny during this period will determine the book’s pressrun — how many copies are created. When you pre-order your copy, you are helping ensure more copies of my book will go into circulation. Once the book is published, it will also be listed on Amazon, where others can buy it.

When Will You Get Your Copy?

The book is scheduled to ship on November 15, 2019! Order now, and stay tuned to the blog for updates. I’ll be scheduling interviews and readings to promote Neoteny and share it with my community.

A Special Thank You

Just today, Neoteny was made available for pre-order. And already, some of my devoted friends have reserved their copies. I am so touched and so filled with gratitude at this outpouring of support. I know poetry isn’t always popular, and when I started publishing my work back in 2012, I never expected to find such a warm reception. But I have been surrounded by encouragement, love, and enthusiasm. To each of you who has taken the time to offer kind words, read through drafts, or brainstorm ideas, I am so incredibly humbled, so incredibly thankful.

Now, scroll up and click that pretty cover! Reserve your copy today! And hey, get one for a friend! Neoteny is a lively, joyful collection: it will definitely brighten someone’s day.

One thought on “Pre-Order NEOTENY, My First Book!

  1. Hi Emily,

    I just pre-ordered two copies of your book–“Neotony”. Purchased one for myself and our household and another for my niece who loves poetry.

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