Sacred Space Interview: God Is the Beauty in All Things

Kathy, age 59, is a retired radiologic technologist from Jacksonville, FL. She loves reading, cooking, gardening, doing crafts of all kinds, and caring for her family. Today she is speaking with On the Blink about her Catholic faith.

Do you believe in a God, gods, or other spiritual forces? If so, what name(s) does your spiritual force have? Where does the name come from?

Yes, I strongly believe in God the Father, Jesus God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
These names have always been a part of my life since I am a cradle Roman Catholic.
I come from a long family history of Catholics.

Sum up your faith in three words. Why did you choose these words?

Love God always and put Him first in all things. Keep the holy commandments.

How do you practice your faith? What kinds of prayer, texts, service, or other rituals do you use?

Roman Catholicism is a religion of sacred rituals, sacraments and time honored traditions. I keep the holy commandments, I keep the laws of my faith, honor holy days with special services and fasting.  I attend Mass, pray daily and pray the rosary. I read Scripture from the New American Bible.

Describe a moment when you knew that this faith was right for you.

My faith is how I was raised and I never thought to question if it was right for me. I will always be Roman Catholic. It’s a deep part of my being. It fulfills me in a way that is indescribable and brings comfort to my soul.

Describe a moment when you felt that God was real, that your faith was making a difference in your life.

My God has always been real to me. I feel His presence in my everyday life and especially during dark times. He is my joy during happy times. During life crises when I needed to make difficult decisions, my prayers were answered. These answers were defining moments for me personally.

Have you had any spiritual mentors or teachers? If so, describe their role in your life. How did they help you find your faith?

I have found support and guidance in the elders of our family. Those whose faith was so much stronger. They were my spiritual guides. I married a man of the same faith and all of his family were Catholic. Two relatives were priests so this Catholic environment has been very real and supportive from day one.

Where and when do you feel most in tune with your faith or spirituality?

God is everywhere—in the beauty of children, nature and all things. Celebrating mass, receiving the Eucharist (the body of Christ) often. Holy days such as Easter and Christmas is a very intensely spiritual time for me. Easter is the foundation upon which our faith is built.

What is one misconception that others have expressed about your faith? How would you correct it?

A common misconception is our love and honor for the Blessed Mother, Mary mother of Jesus. We do not worship Mary but implore for her intercession. As a son we believe that Jesus would do everything His mother asks. Another confusion is the many statues we choose to have in our churches and homes. Catholics are not idol worshipers, but these symbols remind us of holy figures. We need not ask for intercession in prayer, but it can be part of our faith life.

Assign some “spiritual homework” for our readers. What is one practice, prayer, or lesson you’d like to share?

Seek and examine to find a truth for yourself and a place or way of peace, love and worship. Respect all life from conception to the natural end. including yours. Be happy with your life and know each life is a worthy gift. Be thankful every day.

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