Two Poems Published!

The December issue of Wordgathering is out, and it contains two of my poems: “Wordbomb” and “Old Music.”This is the 36th issue of Wordgathering, rounding off its eighth year as an online publication.

Just above the text of each poem, there is a link to the audio version, which I recorded. I love that this journal offers poetry in audio and visual formats. Poetry isn’t confined to one kind of perception; each sense shades a poem differently.

Read the poems here.

8 thoughts on “Two Poems Published!

  1. Emily: Enjoyed the poems, especially with the audio options. In the North Florida Writers, we had spells when poets would show up to get their work critiqued. It was always hard to do, I thought. First, the poem generally needed to be read two or three times for listeners to get it. Second, it often worked well if we had enough copies for everyone to use…or at least an overhead projector. Keep up the good work, and remember what I’ve said: “You are real.” hd3

  2. Emily, I loved both reading and hearing you read these wonderful poems! I especially appreciate the tone and the irony in “WordBomb”–eloquent in sweet reproof and yet kind in attitude. Keep writing, girl, because you are very good. Thanks for sharing. Lois

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