Article: “Barbershop singing: A true test of vocal prowess, with or without straw hats”

Today Minnesota Public Radio published my reflections on the rigors of barbershop singing:

“For musicians and non-musicians alike, “barbershop singing” recalls The Music Man‘s Ice Cream Quartet and the bright hum of a pitch pipe. Audiences won’t guess that participation in barbershop singing can entail three-hour rehearsals, vowel-matching, breath plans, lyric mapping, and international competition.

Barbershop is a cappella four-part harmony marked by elaborate slides, inverted chords, and attention to overtones. Its lighthearted performance often belies the musicianship needed to “ring the chords” — to sing with such accurate pitch and pronunciation that the chords create more notes than voices.”

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Review: Courtney Lewis leads the Jacksonville Symphony in a rousing Symphonie Fantastique

Here is my latest article for Minnesota Public Radio, a review of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra’s impressive season opener:

“On Friday, Sept. 26, the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra opened its 2014-2015 season with their new music director designate, Courtney Lewis — formerly of the Minnesota Orchestra.”

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Interview: “Therapeutic music: Edith Moore-Hubert on the healing properties of classical music.”

Today Classical MPR published my interview of a Jacksonville musician:

“With a master’s degree in piano performance from Manhattan School of Music, Edith Moore-Hubert has performed in academic, liturgical, medical, and concert settings for almost 30 years. In 2010, she released a solo CD, Music to Calm Your Soul. She describes her music as therapeutic, and I asked her to share some insight into the healing potential of classical music. ”

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